Environmental sustainability at ECP 2023

We’re committed to running an event that has sustainability at its heart, in keeping with the ethos of host city Brighton, which has a reputation as one of the most environmentally-friendly cities in the UK.


This will include no single-use plastics during the event, an electronic programme and a venue which is committed to sustainability and the use of ethical food products.

We’re encouraging all delegates to consider their travel to Brighton and use public transport where possible, including airlines which offset their carbon emissions.

If you’re interested in finding out more about sustainability at ECP 2023, we’ve put together some FAQs below.


How can I minimise the impact of my travel to Brighton?

Brighton is well-connected to the South East’s public transport network, and easily accessible by train from Gatwick Airport. We’re encouraging all delegates to use airlines which offset their carbon emissions, and to use public transport when travelling to and around Brighton.


Will the event have single-use plastics or use unnecessary paper?

We won’t be using any single-use plastics during ECP 2023, and we’re creating a virtual conference programme to minimise the use of paper. We will supply all delegates with a recycled aluminium water bottle to fill up from free water fountains, as the venue does not sell single-use plastic water bottles.


Why is the event happening in person, without an online option?

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, we believe it’s important to offer opportunities for psychologists to get together, network and share the fantastic work that is going on across our continent. We’re doing everything we can to mitigate the environmental impact of hosting an in person event.


Why is ECP2023 happening just one year after the previous event?

ECP usually runs on a two-year cycle but, due to the pandemic, the previous event in Ljubljana had to be delayed. It will be reverting back to a bi-annual format after 2023.