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8 February 2023

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31 March 2023/ 26 April 2023

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14 May 2023

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BPS gives evidence to Holyrood’s inquiry into the health and wellbeing of young people

BPS member Heather Connolly told the Scottish Parliament’s Health, Social Care and Sport Committee that exhaustion is preventing her mental health colleagues from providing a holistic service for children.

Award-winning mental health service is a “game-changer”, say psychologists

22 December 2021

As a model, it is not one you would typically find in a paediatric setting and does not duplicate existing services”, according to Professor Shafran, a clinical psychologist and one of the principal investigators of the research project evaluating the service. 

Project exploring impact of people’s living spaces on their mental wellbeing urges

22 December 2021

But we could also refer to other services within and outside the hospital for other difficulties such as support with adjustments to coping with the diagnosis of a chronic illness,” said Dr Bennett. 

Psychology can be the driving force to unite.

Get ready for sun, sea, sand and psychology at the ECP 2023 in Brighton!