ECP2023 Thematic Streams

1Poverty and inequalities
2Climate change and sustainability
3Conflict, diplomacy and peace
4Psychological responses to the pandemic
9Health, Sport & Exercise 
10Educational and Developmental
11Experimental: Cognitive, Psychobiology and Neuropsychology
12Social, Personality & Individual differences
14Students & Early Career
16Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
17General, Conceptual & History of Psychology
20Community psychology
21Political psychology and democracy

Please find out more information about our four interdisciplinary themes below:


  • Psychological responses to the pandemic: Lessons learned from the pandemic; communicating scientific evidence to the public and policy makers for behaviour change; changes to working practices (eg hybrid working; tele-health; virtual consulting with clients, innovations in research methods) and community health and well-being. 


  • Poverty and inequalities: Digital inequalities; the digital divide; health inequalities, the impact of poverty on mental and physical health, cognition and development across the life-span and within different communities.


  • Climate change and sustainability: Environmental psychology; Interventions to encourage more sustainable behaviours at the individual, community, organisation and societal levels; eco-anxiety and eco-grief; supporting refugees and migration caused by the environmental crisis.


  • Conflict, diplomacy and peace: Political psychology; Defence and security psychology; crisis and trauma; the rise of authoritarianism; trust in governments and institutions; social cohesion; supporting refugees and migration caused by conflict; psychology’s role in diplomatic relations and peace-making; post-conflict trauma recovery and resolution.