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Hogrefe Ltd.

Hogrefe Ltd. is the UK arm of the Hogrefe Group, Europe’s leading publisher of psychometric assessments and psychology books and journals. Established over 70 years ago, Hogrefe is a family-owned company with almost 400 employees in publishing companies across Europe, the U.S. and Brazil. Our catalogue of occupational tests is designed to work synergistically in tailoring scientifically validated solutions to any combination of needs. From personality and attitude and ability tests to measures of emotional processing, we can help you identify the best combination of assessments to meet your unique requirements - all while delivering comprehensive, cost-effective results.
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Clinically proven, tech-enhanced therapy - we are a team of psychologists and CBT therapists and we help people feel better, faster, and stay that way. We provide clinically proven therapy for clients through our team of expert therapists and our tech-enhanced platform and app. Our data shows that this combination achieves excellent outcomes, faster. We're growing fast and looking for high calibre therapist to join us today.
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International Association of Applied Psychology IAAP

Founded in 1920, the International Association of Applied Psychology, known as IAAP, is the oldest and largest international association of Psychology. The members are individuals as well as affiliate international associations. As stated in Article 1 of its Constitution, its mission is: “...to promote the science and practice of applied psychology and to facilitate interaction and communication among applied psychologists around the world.”
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Comms Multilingual Ltd

Comms Multilingual has specialised in the translation, localisation and adaptation of all types of tests, assessments, surveys, questionnaires, certifications and exams. We regularly work on all types of learning and associated materials, such as workbooks, trainer materials and reports. We take the stress out of working on complex multilingual projects, and provide expert translations in over 100 languages by professional, native-speaker linguists with specialist subject knowledge in many areas – saving you time, effort and reputation. Some of the other services we offer include translatability reviews, multilingual voice recording and subtitling and SME reviews. Comms Multilingual: Dependable - Flexible - Defensible
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